Monday, May 7, 2012

Maserati MC12

This is the Maserati MC12. This car is Maserati's first return to racing after 37 years. The MC12 weighs in at almost 3000 pounds, with 620 horsepower. It is built on a Ferrari Enzo chassis (red car in the top picture). Even though they were build on the same chassis the MC12 is bigger, but has a lower drag coefficient (less wind resistance) due to its smooth curves.There were 50 of these great cars produced in the two years they were made. Some were road cars, while others were build to race. They entered the American Le Mans series but were to big in both length and width; however they did race in the FIA GT, FIA GT1 Wold Championship, and Italia GT. It weighs almost 3000 pounds, but has 620 horsepower.

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