Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Corvette C7

 After 60 years of making the Corvette, Chevy finally released the 7th edition (C7) Corvette this year. The new Vette has new styling that GM hopes will appeal to a younger audience, and wash away the stereotype as an old man's car. This means sharper edges and bringing back the stingray name that has not been on a corvette since 1976.

They also gave it plenty of power, the 2014 corvette has a LT1 6.2L V8 that make 455-460 bhp, depending on the exhaust  choice of the customer. It is not just raw power though, the new corvette has some great technology in it. While when driving the car at it's limits you have 8 cylinders to keep you going, when cruising at speed the car can change to only using 4 or 6 of its cylinders in order to save gas and be Eco friendly.

Eco friendly does not necessarily mean that is a cool car though. They also gave the car a carbon fiber hood (along with other parts), a 7 speed manual transmission, and finally changed the infamous interior of previous corvettes. So maybe GM finally has a car that truly can compete with a Ferrari.

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